The Tech Industry: Enterprise Standards Management

IT Management

If you are like most large organizations you are already spending 40% of your on the administration and support of your existing IT infrastructure.

That leaves precious little time to develop and implement new systems that are critical to your organization’s growth. Have you been spending time due to the following scenarios?

  • It is difficult to read files that have been transferred across the organization because people are using different versions of the same software.
  • People are having trouble working on project files together because there are no common software programs (e.g. spreadsheets – Excel, Lotus123, Quattro Pro; word processors – Word, WordPerfect, Ami).
  • Your IS support staff is overworked and not capable of handling all the problems because there are so many software platforms in use.
  • Your network administrators have no one in the organization to look to for help because each network server is configured differently and there are no standard network management tools.
  • Your training costs are skyrocketing because of the increasing number of different products being used throughout your organization.
  • It seems that many people are requesting to purchase and use specific software for their “unique situation” rather than using the software that most people in the organization are already using.
  • You have never been able to negotiate cost-saving site license agreements with the software publishers because the software products you use keep changing.
  • You are spending excessive money on hardware component upgrades for some of your computers even though you have an inventory of component upgrades for others that are not compatible.

These challenges and the associated costs can be brought under control with our Enterprise Standards Management services.

Software and hardware platform standardization programs are becoming an absolute necessity for large enterprises. The inefficiencies described above can add significant and unnecessary costs to the already growing IT management budget.

GTI’s Enterprise Standards Management services will help you to design, implement and manage an effective Standardization Program. Some of the areas that need to be addressed are as follows:

  • Standard Desktop and Network Operating Systems
  • Standard Desktop Applications Suite (spreadsheet, word processor, presentation, scheduling, etc.)
  • Standard Electronic Mail System
  • Standard Forms Management System
  • Standard Document Publishing, Storage and Distribution System
  • Standard Suite of Network Mgmt Tools (back-up, metering, virus protection, scheduling, inventory, etc.)
  • Centralized Help Desk Support Center
  • Master/Gold Disk Library
  • Version Control Procedures
  • Software Agreements Library
  • Enterprise-Wide Information Sharing Procedure
  • License Agreement Compliance Procedure
  • Standard Software Upgrade Distribution System

As a leader in this field, GTI has the expertise to provide a comprehensive standardization program and help you implement solutions in the areas mentioned above.

Once you have established your Enterprise Standardization program, GTI can continue to manage and support your efforts through our other service offerings detailed in our Corporate Capabilities section of this Web site.